I’m Martin...

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My story….

As you probably noticed. This website was created to introduce myself. So, let me introduce myself. I will not start (as it is usual) explaining that I’m student, working as part time worker, etc. I will start introducing me in IT world. First time I met Personal Computer was in 2002. You know, Windows XP. My only interest in PC then was NFS Underground and GTA: Vice City. But as the time goes on, I was wondering, how the physics, shadows, etc. were working in game.
I started Explorer and start searching for answers. As I was reading about game engine and physics, I noticed very beautifuly created website. So next thing on my chceklist was find out, how to create a webpage. I won’t show you my first personal website, because it looks like a page from ArpaNET. When I learned about HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, that was the moment I started developing my skills in website development. 

About my work...


My most recent project...

My very good friend started bussines. But what is a company without a website? I tell you. It’s a very low known company. My friend asked me if I can make some interesting website about company’s products, where will be for example contact informations, description of services and more. I answered yes, of course, I think I’ll make it. So I started to building up website, create hosting a putting website online. It was amazing, funny, and it make me feels: “I want to make more websites, make more contacst, create more contracts, communicate with customer, communicate with teammates and more. So that’s why I want to particiapte on more projects in future.

My first portfolio attemp


At night I created a portoflio website, which was….little bit…..not so sophisticated. Unfortunately, my webhosting has ended and whole core code of the site was deleted.

Veštiareň LUNA

First “REAL DEAL” Contract

I was creating sites 4 fun. My friend saw my work and asked me, if I want a job, that he knows about a client, who needs easy, static website. So I called that client about proposal. She agreed and the work should begin. She gave me her idea about website, and we were working thogether to give the site a “nice look”. We suceeded. Almost every day we were calling what should be upgraded or changed, what to delete and what are her and what are my ideas. Unfortunately, after 4 months, she stopped respondig to my calls and emails, so contract was unfortunately terminated. And the site was almost immediately deletd from internet. (If you don’t believe me, I have a full conversation as proof.)

My skills


Thanks to technologies, I’m literraly still online. As soon as I can I will answer you within 3-4 hours.


I’m good at HTML. As I described above, I like creating pages from core.


My goal is not to empty your wallet. My goal ist to get expericene and do what I like. But of course nothing is for free.


Your wish is my command. As soon as I get to PC, I will do take care about your request and do most to fullfil your request. 


I speak English, Czech, Slovak, Croatian. So there won’t be any language barriers. And of course Google Translate still exist.


I’m a friendy person, which means, I will act like your best partner. Your ideas, mentions, etc. are welcome and everytime I will try to advise you.

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